Post-Construction Stormwater Ordinance

Post-Construction Stormwater Ordinance
On April 22, 2014, the City Council approved Coralville's post-construction stormwater ordinance. 
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Purpose of the Ordinance

  • Protect the health and water quality of the Iowa River, Clear Creek, Muddy Creek, and all tributaries, lakes, and wetlands within these watersheds. 
  • Address how stormwater is managed on new development and re-development within the community.
  • Reduce the degradation of our water resources that can result from pollutant and sediment runoff.
  • Minimize the damaging effects of localized flooding on residents, businesses, and property owners.   
Stormwater planter

Measuring Progress

Within the first 18 months since the ordinance was implemented, 30 new developments or re-developments in Coralville have implemented stormwater quality practices. These practices include bio-retention cells and swales, soil quality restoration, tree and infiltration trenches, and porous paving systems.