Right of Way Management

Apply for a Right of Way Permit
City Right of Way
A Right of Way Permit Application (PDF) must be submitted by the owner of a utility located or wanting to locate within City right of way. The application will be reviewed and approved by the Right of Way Management Coordinator prior to any work being performed.

Iowa Department of Transportation Right of Way
If the proposed work is within Iowa DOT Right of Way, the applicant must submit both City and IDOT Right of Way permit application forms. Contact the Iowa Department of Transportation at 319.730.1533 for Iowa DOT requirements.

Right of Way Access Ordinance
View the Right of Way Access Ordinance (PDF) adopted by the City of Coralville, Iowa.

Fee, Insurance, Bond, & License Requirements

  • Right of Way Permit Application Fee: $200.00
  • Liability Insurance: Minimum $1,000,000; max deductible of $5,000.00; City named as an additional insured party
  • Right of Way Performance and Restoration Bond: Minimum $10,000.00; amount may increase based on scope of work
  • Excavator License Fee (sanitary and water line contractors only): $50.00.  See license requirements

Iowa One Call
Call Iowa One Call at 800.292.8989 before you dig. A notice of at least 48 hours is required prior to all excavations in Iowa.

Right of Way Utility Requirements for Placement on Structures 
On April 9, 2019, the Coralville City Council approved supplemental design standards and specifications for pole-mounted utility facilities within the City right-of-way. View the Supplemental Design Standards & Specifications for Pole-Mounted Utility Facilities within City Right-of-Way.

Oversize Loads
A permit is required for oversized loads or vehicles on public streets in Coralville. View the Oversize Load Permit Application.

Report a Concern
To report a concern 24 hours a day, call the City of Coralville Environmental Emergency Hotline at 563.320.1742; or contact Amy Foster at 319.248.1720.

Planting in Right of Way
If you want information about planting a tree between the sidewalk and the curb, please see Tree Planting in Right of Way.