Safety Village

Protecting our Youngest Citizens

In 1994, several community leaders led by Dr. Charles Skaugstad developed a vision for a program to enhance the safety of some of our youngest citizens. Safety Village is the result of that vision.

A Miniature Version of a Real City
Safety Village, located next to Grant Wood Elementary school, is a miniature version of a real city - complete with stop signs and traffic lights.

Safety Concepts

Safety Village holds a two-week summer safety day camp where children learn about safety in a hands-on way.

Kids pedal cars around the village practicing the safety concepts taught to them, all the while under the watchful eyes of teachers, firefighters, and police officers. Fire prevention and other personal safety topics are included in the Safety Village curriculum. These basic safety concepts are reinforced throughout the program, and the end result is that our kids become more aware of steps they can take to help keep them safe.  To learn more or register for camp, view the Safety Village website.

More than 1,500 kids ages 5-7 have graduated from Safety Village.