Building Permits

Requirement Details

A building permit is required for any structure that falls under the following descriptions:

  • Added to
  • Demolished
  • Enlarged
  • Erected
  • Moved
  • Reconstructed
  • Removed
  • Structurally altered

Application Process

Required Information

To apply for a building permit, the following information is required:

  1. Complete and submit a building permit application including all contractor information, along with electronic plans, site plans, and supporting documents (see item 2).
  2. Send building permit application, site plans, electronic plans, and supporting documents to
    • Site plans must show property lines, set back lines, and building location (see Setback Requirements).
  3. Complete and submit a Construction Site Runoff (CSR) Permit application
    • The CSR permit cannot be issued until all application requirements have been provided and approved, and all erosion control measures are in place and inspected by the Engineering Department. 
    • Please contact the Engineering Stormwater Technician at 319.248.1740 when ready for inspection. 

Pay the Permit Fee

  • Fee is paid after approval.
  • Minimum permit fee is $25 for up to $500 worth of work.
  • See Fee Schedule for valuation of work above $500.
  • Permit must be paid and signed for in person at the Community Development Department, 1512 7th Street, Coralville, IA 52241.

Additional Information

Note: For new construction, please refer to requirements for: