e-Bill Service

Electronic Utility Bills
e-Bill, City of Coralville's electronic utility bill service, allows customers to receive utility bills by email.  Customers may opt to continue to receive a paper bill by mail.

How to Participate
To enroll in e-Bill, complete an online e-Bill enrollment request.

Customers will receive an email with a link to confirm e-Bill enrollment, which will require the account holder to enter Utility Billing account information before e-Bill becomes active for their utility billing account.

How to Unenroll
To unenroll in e-Bill, complete an online e-Bill unenrollment request.

Additional Electronic Utility Billing Options
Coralville also offers online payment using a debit or credit card and free Auto Pay service to make utility bill payments by direct automatic debit from your checking or savings account. 

For more information, contact Utility Billing at 319.248.1715.