Cart Usage
Golfers are allowed to walk the course at any time.

The minimum age to rent and / or drive a cart is 18 years old. Golfers are responsible for any damage they cause to the golf carts. Golfers must a cart rental agreement before cart use. Any golfer not driving a cart responsibly will be warned once. The second time they will be removed from the golf course.

Privately owned carts may be used on the course if a yearly or daily trail fee is paid, and private cart users must be accompanied by the cart’s registered user. Cart fees will be paid by non-registered users if not accompanied by the cart owner(s). Registered cart users must reside in the same household.

Dress Code
Golfers are required to wear a shirt at all times on the course and in the clubhouse. Collared / mock neck shirts and khaki or jean shorts / pants are considered acceptable golf attire. Golf shoes with soft spikes are required; metal spikes are not allowed.

Minor Children
Children under the age of 12 must be supervised by an adult while golfing. Any age child may use the driving range alone.

Non-Golf Activities
When the golf course is open for the season, non-golf activities are prohibited on the course.

When the golf course is closed for the season, walking the cart paths, sledding, cross-country skiing, and ice fishing are permitted. Sledding conditions are posted in the clubhouse window. When conditions are posted as "sledding not permitted," turf damage caused by sledders may be prosecuted.

Severe Weather
The Pro Shop will warn golfers of poor weather approaching or if lightning or thunder are seen or heard. There is no weather siren on the golf course. If a golfer does not complete the fourth hole of a round, a rain pass will be issued.

  • By law, no outside alcoholic beverages can be brought onto the premises.
  • Smoking is not allowed in clubhouse, upper deck, or within 50 feet of the building. Smoking is permitted on the course.
  • Golf course rangers are responsible for speed of play and ensuring golfers do not cause damage to the golf course.
  • Only golf course professionals under contract with the City of Coralville may teach golf lessons at the facility.
  • No pets or animals are allowed on the course during the golf season, with the exception of service animals. Leashed pets are allowed on the course during the off season. Pet waste must be removed by owner.
  • Personal music players are allowed on the course as long as the music is not loud or obscene as determined by the golf staff.