Community Plans

About Community Plans

Community plans help the City make informed decisions about how Coralville may develop in the future. A community plan is a public document which:

  • Contains specific proposals for future land uses and public improvements, and 
  • Provides a guide for community development.  

The Planning Process

Community plans are created with considerations of historical trends, existing conditions, future needs, population growth, resources, transportation, economic development, social characteristics, and geography. Community plans are developed through a partnership of City staff, consultants, and public input, followed by approval of the City Council.

Recent Plans

Coralville Community Plan

The 2014 Coralville Community Plan was approved by the City Council in March 2014. It was developed following a year-long process and incorporates input from residents and business owners through public meetings, surveys, interviews, online mapping, and other tools.  It replaces the 1992 Coralville Community Plan but does not replace the 1995 Amendment (Oakdale Boulevard Corridor) and the 1998 West Land Use Plan.

West Land Use Area Plan

The West Land Use Area is located between I-380 and Coral Ridge Avenue/Highway 965, south of Forevergreen Road, and north of I-80.  In early 2015, the City began the process of expanding on the 2014 Coralville Community Plan by establishing a clear vision for the future of the West Land Use Area. The resulting West Land Use Area Plan includes a detailed master plan and design guidelines for the growth and development of this area of our community. 

West Land Use Area Master Plan (2016)
The City Council voted to adopt the plan in February 2016. In August 2016, the City Council voted to adopt an amended plan that changed the classification of building material uses and the combined the individual classifications of Community Retail Buildings and Regional Retail Buildings into one classification.

Public Input
Community planners hosted several public meetings in 2015 to share information and receive public input about the future of this important growth area, and provided the following information:

Plan Listing

 Coralville Community PlanPart 1 - 2014 Coralville Community Plan (p. 1-44) (PDF)
Part 1 - 2014 Coralville Community Plan (p. 45-89) (PDF)
Part 1 - 2014 Coralville Community Plan Land Use Plan (PDF)
Part 2 - 1995 Amendment (Oakdale Boulevard Corridor) & Ordinance 2004-1008 (PDF)
Part 3 - 1998 West Land Use** (PDF)
 Iowa RiverfrontIowa Riverfront Master Plan 2012 (PDF)
 Johnson County Hazard MitigationJohnson County Hazard Mitigation Plan Multi-Jurisdictional 2019 (PDF)
 Old Town CoralvilleOld Town Coralville Plan 2009 (PDF)
 Southeast Commercial AreaSoutheast Commercial District Plan 2017 (PDF)
 Town Center DistrictCoralville Town Center District Plan 1995 (PDF)
Amendment: Coralville Town Center District Plan 1995 - Ordinance 2008-1013 (PDF)

*Some of the files are large and will take time to download

**See also West Land Use Area Master Plan (2016)

Additional Resources

For more information, contact the City of Coralville at 319.248.1700.