Cemetery Decorations & Maintenance

Decorations may be placed on monuments, on concreted foundations, and in permanent urns year-round.

Temporary Items
Temporary items such as vases, flower arrangements, and memorial flags may be placed on plots from the full weekend before Memorial Day through Flag Day each year.  After Flag Day, they will be disposed of. 

Not Permitted
The following are not permitted at Oak Hill Cemetery:
  • Decorations or arrangements over four feet high
  • Glass containers or items
  • Planting of flowers, bushes, trees, or shrubs on any plots
The following are not permitted on the grass area of plots:
  • Boxes, vases, ornaments, shells, toys, chairs, or metal designs (unless approved, such as military / veteran / fraternal organization)
Plot Maintenance
Clean up days, weather permitting, are approximately March 1 and November 1 each year.  This may include the removal of cut or artificial arrangements and other types of decoration that may have been placed on the monument / marker and all adjacent areas. 

Removal of floral arrangements and other decorations may be done as deemed appropriate throughout the year to maintain visual integrity of the cemetery.  After funerals, floral arrangements or other decorations will be removed when they become wilted or unsightly.

Perpetual Care
The Parks and Recreation Department is in charge of perpetual care and maintenance of Oak Hill Cemetery.  The City of Coralville is not responsible for articles and monuments lost, misplaced, damaged, or stolen in Oak Hill Cemetery.