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Celebrate Coralville's History

Each year, from 2013 until Coralville's 150th birthday in 2023, Coralville unveils a special limited edition, individually-numbered commemorative button. The annual button highlights a location, event, or person significant to Coralville's history.

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Two hundred and fifty individually-numbered pins are on sale at Coralville City Hall, 1512 7th St., while supplies last.
  • $3.00 per button
  • $25.00 for all nine buttons (2013-2021)
Proceeds support Coralville Festivals including 4thFest, FRYfest, BrrrFest, and Aisle of Lights.
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About the Button Artwork: Iowa River Power BuildingImage of building on river. Coralville's historic Iowa River Power Building
The historic Iowa River Power Building is located along the Iowa River at 1st Avenue and 5th Street.

In 1886, the Iowa City Electric Light Company was established and permanently installed in Coralville. The plant was rebuilt in 1894, destroyed by fire in 1899, and rebuilt. 

In 1904, the company had lighting and power service in the Iowa City business district, and no more than a dozen residence customers. In 1909, the franchise for installation of lighting for Coralville was obtained by the Iowa City Electric Light Company.  

In 1912, the name was changed to Iowa City Light and Power Company.   

In 1934, natural gas was piped to boilers at the Coralville plant and to Coralville and University Heights, and in 1936 Iowa City received natural gas. 

The name was changed to Iowa-Illinois Gas and Electric Company in 1940. 

On December 31, 1968, operations ceased; the dam was no longer needed to produce power.  In 1969, the building was sold to the City of Coralville for one dollar. In 1971, the City of Coralville sold building and land. In 1977, the Iowa River Power Company Restaurant opened.

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