Juvenile Firesetter Intervention

Intervention Specialists

The Coralville Fire Department has two certified Juvenile Firesetter Intervention Specialists who work closely with local Juvenile Court Officers to evaluate and score individuals for the potential to re-offend. Not all fire departments in the state enjoy the benefit of having a specialist within their departments. 

An average of three juveniles per year that come through our system, either as a result of an incident that has happened in our community or as referrals from the juvenile court system. In conjunction with the Iowa State Fire Marshal’s Office, the Coralville Fire Department works as part of a network of intervention specialists who offer evaluations and counseling.

Counseling & Intervention 

The Coralville Fire Department provides counseling and interventions for youth at risk for juvenile fire setting.  For additional information, contact Assistant Chief Nic Pruter at 319.248.1848.