Fireworks Regulations in Coralville
Consumer Fireworks Are Banned
Using consumer fireworks is not allowed in Coralville. Do not shoot off fireworks in Coralville.

  • It is illegal to use any fireworks in Coralville, with the exception of fireworks displays handled by insured operators and approved by City authorities.
  • Violators face a minimum fine of $250 and can be held liable for damages they cause.
  • Fireworks are prohibited in many surrounding communities.

Novelty Fireworks
Novelty fireworks such as sparklers, snakes, or snaps remain legal.

Selling Fireworks

  • The State made it legal to sell consumer fireworks in Iowa, and passed a law requiring cities to allow the sale of consumer fireworks in commercial and industrial zoning districts.
  • Fireworks sales require a license from the State.

Buying Fireworks

  • Even if you buy fireworks in Coralville, you cannot use them in the City of Coralville.
  • If you buy fireworks, you must store them safely and securely according to the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines from the National Fire Protection Agency.

Photo credit: Lucas Johnson

Fireworks Photo Credit Lucas Johnson

Leave the Show in the Skies to the Pros
If you are thinking about shooting off fireworks in Coralville, think again: 

  • Discharging fireworks risks injury, fire, and property damage. 
  • The sound of fireworks exploding can distress pets, veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and children. 
  • Fireworks are extremely dangerous and should be used only by trained and insured professionals.  
  • According to the National Fire Protection Agency, in 2021, fireworks caused an estimated 12,264 reported fires in the U.S. and in 2021, an estimated 11,500 people were seen in a U.S. hospital emergency room as a result of fireworks-related injuries.

How to Get Rid of Unused Fireworks
If you have unused fireworks to get rid of, contact the Coralville Fire Department at 319.248.1835 to make a drop-off appointment for safe disposal. 

Report a Concern
To report a concern regarding the use of illegal fireworks:

  • Call the Police non-emergency line at 319.248.1800
  • Provide the location and any additional information
  • Police will respond to fireworks-related calls as officers are available
  • Dial 911 only for emergencies

Where to See Fireworks
Enjoy Coralville’s annual 4thFest fireworks display:

  • On July 4 beginning at approximately 9:45 pm during 4thFest.
  • Fireworks are discharged by trained pyrotechnicians from the Coralville Fire Department