Tree Purchase Program

Tree Purchase Program: Branching Out

Buy a Tree for Your Yard

Coralville residents can participate in Branching Out, the City’s tree purchase program, in the spring. The City partners with a reputable nursery to purchase a large order of hardwood trees. Property owners can order a tree for their own property or donate a tree to the park system through this program. 

New for 2023: As part of Coralville's 150th anniversary, anyone purchasing a tree in 2023 will receive a small, flat etched marker that can be placed at the base of the tree in its mulch bed to commemorate it as a 150th anniversary planting.

Donate a Tree to Our Parks

Donate a tree to Coralville's parks and help expand our urban forest. The Parks Department will select the best species and location for donated trees. Trees donated through this program will be recognized in the summer Parks and Recreation Activity Guide. 


Buy a Tree to Plant Yourself

How It Works

  • Trees will be delivered to the Parks Shop, 900 10th Street, in April.
  • You will have four days to pick up your purchased tree(s). 
  • Your new tree(s) will include planting information; a staff member will be on site at pick up to answer questions. 

About the Trees

  • Trees are 1.5” caliper and will be potted. 
  • Plant trees soon after pick up to ensure best growing conditions.
  • Trees are not under warranty. A parks arborist will inspect trees upon delivery; trees that do not meet standards will be rejected.

Where to Plant Your Tree
The Branching Out program:

  • is for planting trees in yards, lots, or park areas. You do not need a tree planting permit when buying and planting a tree through this program.
  • is not for planting trees in the right of way (the public space between the sidewalk and the street curb). You must have a Right of Way Tree Planting Permit and inspection when planting in the right of way. Permit to plant in the right of way

Spring 2023 Tree Species & Prices
It is important to have a variety of trees species in our community. Trees sold through the Branching Out program are hardwoods that thrive in Coralville, currently do not have a pest of concern, and are not overplanted in Coralville. 

  • Chinkapin Oak:  $180
  • Japanese Tree Lilac:  $185 
  • London Planetree:  $150
  • Norway Spruce: $175
  • Red Jewel Crabapple:  $165
  • Sweet Gum:  $170
  • Triumph Elm:  $170

How to Order for Spring 2023

  • Order with Parks and Recreation over the phone at 319.248.1750; or
  • Order in person through Coralville Parks and Recreation at 1506 8th St. in Coralville; or
  • Download and complete a Branching Out Order Form and return it, with payment, to:
    Coralville Parks & Recreation
    Attn: Sherri Proud
    1506 8th St., Coralville, IA 52241
  • For questions about ordering or more information, call Coralville Parks and Recreation at 319.248.1750.
The deadline to order for the spring 2023 program has been extended to March 5, 2023.