Tree Trimming

Trim Your Trees & Shrubs
Coralville property owners are responsible for trimming their low-hanging tree and shrub branches.

Keeping trees “limbed up” helps avoid broken limbs caused by tall vehicles, including fire trucks, solid waste vehicles, snow plows, and buses. Trees and shrubs that encroach streets and sidewalks can cause poor traffic visibility, block traffic signs and lights, contribute to accidents, and may damage vehicles or hurt pedestrians that cannot clear them.

Trimming Guidelines
The minimum clearance of hanging limbs and shrubs must be:

  • No lower than 9 feet above sidewalks
  • No lower than 15 feet above the street 

In addition, limbs should not hang over the curb line. View City Ordinance 150.13.

Tree Inspection Program
The City inspects low-hanging tree limbs and shrubs throughout the year on a complaint basis, in addition to inspecting one of five zones in Coralville each year. Make a complaint online

If the City determines tree trimming is needed:

  1. The property owner will receive a notice by certified mail and will have 30 days to have the work done. 
  2. If the trimming is not completed by the deadline, the work will be completed by the City at the property owner’s expense, with the fees being applied to the property taxes.

2023 Inspections
Starting October 2023, the City will inspect tree limbs in Zone 1.