Veterans Memorial History

History of the Memorial
Honoring our nation's veterans through a permanent memorial had been a longtime goal of several Coralville residents. The Veterans Memorial Campaign was formed as a community project to raise funds to build a Veterans Memorial in Coralville.

Community Donations
The campaign received assistance and in-kind donations from design, engineering, and construction professionals to envision and do the initial foundation work on a beautiful, high-quality memorial. The memorial foundations and basic services were constructed in 2020. The front sign wall and plaza spaces were completed in 2021.

November 2019

November Grading 2019

December 2019

December 2019

January 2020

Foundations completed January 2020

May 2021


Veterans Memorial Committee
Led initially by the late longtime Mayor Jim Fausett, the campaign committee includes Coralville business and civic leaders, and veterans, including American Legion members.

Veterans Memorial Committee
  • Rex Brandstatter
  • Henry Herwig
  • Keith Jones
  • Gary Kinsinger 
  • Diana Lundell
Past Members
  • The late Mayor Jim Fausett
  • Mayor Meghann Foster
  • The late Roman Steciw 
  • The late Dave Wilkerson
City of Coralville Staff Liaisons
  • Kelly Hayworth, City Administrator
  • Sherri Proud, Director of Parks and Recreation