Proclamations & Ceremonial Documents

General Information
Ceremonial documents, including proclamations, are issued by the Mayor upon request. Proclamation requests are reviewed and approved by the Mayor on a case-by-case basis. 

Ceremonial documents, including proclamations, are reserved for local organizations, people, or civic events that hold city-wide significance; commemorate a specific time period; and/or increase awareness of issues that positively contribute to the Coralville community. Requesters should be Coralville or Johnson County residents and/or have proven affiliation with the local requesting organization, event, or individual.

Ceremonial documents are not issued for political campaigns, political/election issues, commercial/for-profit advertising or purposes, or for anything against the law or policies of the City of Coralville. Other approval criteria is at the discretion of the Mayor. Proclamations do not imply endorsement from the City.

Request Process

  1. Local residents representing a local group or organization can send their proclamation request in writing to City Clerk Thor Johnson. Email City Clerk  
  2. The requestor should submit proposed text for consideration of the proclamation itself. Proclamation text typically includes "whereas" statements. The City may edit the proposed text to fit editorial, formatting, and content standards. See sample proclamation
  3. Requests should include who (a group, organization, or representative) will accept the proclamation at the City Council meeting, if approved. 
  4. Requests must be made a few weeks in advance of when the proclamation is needed.
  5. The Mayor reviews the request and determines if a proclamation will be issued.