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Request for Video Production Services

  1. Request Video Services for a Community Event
    CoralVision is the City of Coralville's government video service. We help make community-focused information available to the public. CoralVision video programs include public government meeting coverage, City of Coralville communications, public service announcements, educational videos, and presentations.
  2. CoralVision accepts requests for free video coverage for Coralville-area or Johnson County-based non-profit organizations for select events. Video productions air on Mediacom cable in Coralville and online. Live social media streaming may be available for select events. We may share videos, at our discretion, with other Johnson County governments channels.
  3. Eligible programs may not solicit funds or property of value from viewers, may not advertise the sale of products or services, and may not promote or endorse a trade or business. In accordance with federal, state, and local law, programs may not include gambling or obscenity/pornography. Additional restrictions may apply.
  4. To request video production services, and to see if your event is eligible and if staff is available, please complete and submit this form at least three weeks in advance. Submitting this form does not confirm a reservation. Once your request is received and reviewed, a staff member will contact you.
  5. Contact Information
  6. Is this a non-profit organization?
  7. Event Overview
  8. We need access at least two hours before the event to set up our equipment (you will need to make sure the doors are unlocked or somebody is there to meet us). We are not responsible for setting up for the event itself (audience chairs, presenter podium, etc.).
  9. Is this free and open to the public?*
  10. Is the City of Coralville an official event sponsor?*
  11. Will you need a copy of the final video?*
    We can provide a link to the video, which you can share with your organization.
  12. Event Details
  13. Media you are using*
  14. Permission to Record/Televise & Copyright Authorization*
    I understand that I am responsible for getting permission from speakers/presenters to record and distribute their content. I also understand that CoralVision cannot record or air programs containing copyright materials without copyright clearance. I understand that I am responsible for getting copyright permission; any copyright infringement concerns or violations are the sole responsibility of the event organizer(s).
  15. Release of Liability*
    I agree to release and hold harmless the City of Coralville, its agents, and employees from any liability arising from CoralVision's video production services. I agree this program may be edited at the City's sole discretion.
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